Local Tips

Know your arrondissements — The last two numbers of Paris postal codes are a shorthand for which arrondissement (neighborhood) the place is found. For example, 75006 is the 6th, aka St-Germain-des-Près; 75011 is the 11th, aka the Bastille.

Dining at Michelin-starred restaurants — Go for lunch, when many offer a much-more affordable prix-fixe menu. You’ll enjoy the same level of service and cuisine for a fraction of the price.

Local etiquette — Say “bonjour” whenever you enter a shop or establishment to ensure you get service. You’ll often hear the shopkeeper say bonjour as you enter. Just say it back.

Free days at top sights — Many museums and cultural sites are free the first Sunday of the month.

Getting around — Paris now has contactless ticketing for the Metro. Either: Download the Bonjour RATP app and order a pack of 10 t+ tickets (they cost 2€ less than the cardboard equivalent) or buy a Navigo Easy pass for €2 at any station and top it up as needed.

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